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Visual Design for 2D Game K.U.N. 

This page displays the environment concept arts I designed for a short 2D adventure game "K.U.N", developed by 6 undergraduate students of New York University Shanghai in 2018.

The game was created for the preliminary of the 2018 NetEase Mini-Game Competition. Our team decided to merge the given theme "Kūn (鲲)" -- a mystic whale-like creature in ancient Chinese mythology of Taoism -- with the classic western science fantasy of post-apocalyptic steampunk. The game sets in a distant future when the entire earth is flooded with water, the player wakes up in the middle of this apocalyptic world and his mission is to find out what happened by exploring the surroundings and to figure out what to do next under such a critical condition.


As the lead artist of the team, I was responsible for visual design and environment concept arts of all game levels. For more details about the making of the game, please refer to the designer's page.

Software used : Adobe Illustrator, Unity


Game Demo

Sam Hu -- Co-Designer, Lead Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer
Tina Zong -- Co-Designer, Level Designer, Writer
Ruixuan Pu -- Lead Artist
Sam Xu -- Artist
Peter Huang -- Gameplay Programmer
Wendy Wang -- Gameplay Programmer
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