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Arnold Lighting & Lookdev Project:

"Merry Christmas!"


Responsible for grooming, shading, lighting and compositing

Software: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop

Renderer: Arnold for Maya

Lighting Reference

Before I started building the scene, I looked closely at the references and took notes of 

the type of light sources and the color scheme of the scene.

christmas tree + window.jpg
christmas window.jpg
Grooming the Bear

Xgen Interactive Grooming was used for the bear hair. 

Lighting Set Up

The environment/skydome light served as a night skylight. The color and illumination value was set very low. 


The main light source was the lamp on the shop window ceiling. This light illuminated most of the objects in the scene.


The second light source was the emission light from the wall lamp outside the shop window. I also added an area light to create the rim effect on the bear.


The LED emission lights became the main light source for the Christmas tree and interior space.


I also added a fill light to illuminate the tree so that it poped up more from the interior space. 

Texturing: Mix Shader and Layered Texture

This technique was used when developing the look of festival stickers on the front glass, the red velvet curtains, and the Christmas balls. 

Using the window stickers as an example, here are the maps I created in Adobe Illustrator for the sticker shader.


Diffuse map


Bump map


Alpha map

Then I used aiMixShader to mix the glass shader and sticker shader according to the sticker pattern's alpha channel.

Final Render and Setup
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